Brought to you by 3 doors down – Music and running

My favourite running music

In the world of runners, I belong to those in the running-with-music camp. Yeah sure, I like singing birds and the sound of nature and all that. But when I run, I listen to music, using my crappy worn-out mp3 player (that has survived countless instances of rain and water spilled during races, and is not manufactured anymore, thus holy)

Music gives me the spirit and motivation to run. There is nothing like MUSE’s Plug in Baby while running up a steep hill. Shoulders back, teeth clenched, GO! Or Radiohead’s dreamy tunes during a boring very useful long run.

On my mp3 player, ‘survival of the fittest’ is the main rule. The Prodigy lasted for quite some time, but the Arctic Monkeys did not even last a month. Most ballads were purged, and Britney only managed to impress my running companion with Toxic. As music is so central to my running experience, I realised it should have a place on this blog, starting out with this post.

My all time favourite running music is by the band 3 doors down. I have listened to this band since I was fourteen years old, and as I grew up, their music remained a soundtrack to my life during all the rough times. As my life has (temporarily) quieted down a little, this band is mostly a soundtrack to my running. For I won’t duck, but I will run (The road I’m on). And when I have to, I will be going down in flames. Most ballads are ruthlessly skipped, but their powerful music never bores me. Therefore, my marathon training will be brought to you by the great rock band 3 doors down.

What´s your favourite running music?


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