Running optimism

As this weblog is only about one week old, I guess I’m still in the phase of introducing myself and my running. So! I’m currently training for a half marathon, which means that most of my runs are somewhere between 8 and 15 kilometres.

I Did a 10.5 run yesterday, which was kind of tough, probably because of the intense 1-hour spinning workout I did on Monday and because of my post-workday stress-releasing workout on the cross trainer on Tuesday. I use spinning and the cross-trainer in addition to my running training, mainly to prevent running injuries while still being able to work out. Plus, I do spinning with two friends, so the social aspect adds to the fun (I love spinning!)

Back to yesterday’s run; although it was tough, it was a good run. I was so happy that, for the first time in weeks, it was not freezing cold, snowing, windy and/or pissing down. I wore only two layers (and my full leg running tights) and I was dressed too warm!! That felt great, especially because I was almost getting used to having my ears frozen off and not being able to reheat my body after a run. I guess spring is almost around the corner! (Ok, that might be a little bit too optimistic)


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