Why I hate running on a treadmill

Although I love running, I hate running indoors. I have tried to run on a treadmill on snowy or extremely rainy days, but I guess it’s just not for me. This is why:

1. It makes me feel like a rat.

Whenever I run on a treadmill, I cannot get the image of a racing rat like this out of my head. I feel trapped and stupid. Also, I never seem to be able to find the right pace. I either feel like I am constantly catching up or like I am jogging like a bag of potatoes.

2. It makes me sweat (too much).

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think sweating is icky and unnecessary: a workout with no sweat is no workout! But running on the treadmill makes me sweat excessively and gives me one of those charming bright red faces. It basically makes me feel like I’m dying even when I can tell by the pace that I’m running I shouldn’t feel like that. I miss a very important part of running: wind. Apparently I need outside air to cool me off. (I’m thinking about placing giant wind blowers in front of the treadmills. Tthat would be a cool solution!

3. It makes me terrified I’ll fall off.

Other people can run on a treadmill all steady and serene. I’m not one of those people blessed with the ability to run in a straight line over a longer period in time. I swagger when I run (especially when I’m all red and sweaty). On the road this is easy to correct but on a treadmill I feel like I’ll have to keep my eyes on the red STOP button, ready to slam it as soon as I lose control.

4. It makes me want to stop running

First of all, I think running on a treadmill is boring, because there is nothing to see. Ok, there is TV without sound and I have my mp3 player, but apparently I need more than that. But mostly I miss the external cues that motivate me to push just that little bit harder! Outside I convince myself that I can stop running at the next building or that sprinting to the next building will not be that hard. Also, I know I will have to return to my house, no matter what. When I decide to go for my 15k track, I will have to run that 15k. I can walk home, but that will take longer, so I’ll run. I only realised how much I used these external cues for motivation until I ran on a treadmill, and the realisation that I could stop anytime nested in my overheated, bored and afraid-to-fall-off brain and made me want to stop running.

Some research online revealed that running outside also burns more calories and boost your mood more that running inside. Bonus!


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