The ‘I’m too busy to run so I’ll just keep working’ non-run

Instead of plain run (b)logging, just for the fun of it, I will try to develop a typology of runs, as I encounter them. Today (or as a matter of fact, every day this past week), I did not run. I fell into the I’m too busy to run-trap. I kept working, and now I regret not running.

I guess every runner knows those days where you stress out, skip your run, and then become more stressed out because you did not go for a run. It is really quite stupid and frustrating. I have told myself so many times, that no matter what, I should just go out for a quick run. And still, somehow I don’t. It’s not even an excuse, I really did want to go for a run. But every time I thought about it I liked at my still unfinished thesis chapter and I kept working.

Ok, now let’s rationalize this run where you did not run until it has some bright sides:

1. You can count it as your rest day/week.

I’ll go for a run tomorrow and my legs will feel great, because they have had some time off. Last week I ran 17km, so I’m not really behind on schedule.

2. Less laundry!

Ok, I only had one bright side…


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