My Stormy Run

In the last few weeks my runs have not been as easy and fun as I had wanted them to be. In preparation for my half marathon I started doing 15k+ long runs a few weeks ago, and although one 17k run went quite smoothly, all the others were really hard work. Last week I went out for a 19k run, and ended up walking the last 5 kilometres, because I just could not run anymore.

This made me nervous. I really like the half marathon distance, but when you hit the wall at 16 kilometres, the last 5.1 are really really tough. And the fact that all my long runs went rubbish started to affect my self esteem.

Luckily, though my stormy almost-20-kilometre long run went really well. I was really dreading going out for a run: it was drizzling, the clouds looked ominous, and there was a lot of wind. But it never really started to pour down with rain, and actually it was really good running weather! It almost felt like an afternoon in autumn at the sea, and the drizzle was quite refreshing. So, I’m looking forward to the half marathon on Monday!


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