Pre-race day

Tomorrow I am running the half marathon of Utrecht. I have run over 20 races these past years and every single time my day before the race was filled with excitement and incredible anxiety. Right now, when I think about tomorrow’s race, I can feel my heartbeat go faster and I get that funny feeling in my stomach: a mixture of intense happiness and the feeling I might go sick. I think it’s astounding how the prospect of running a half marathon feels just like the prospect of a hot date with someone you really like.

What on earth makes me so nervous about running 21.1 kilometres? Ok, it’s quite a long distance, but I am quite sure I can pull it off. My preparation has been pretty good: I have been a good girl since the party night I had on Thursday: no alcohol, lots of sleep and healthy foods (ok, except for the Easter croissants this morning).My favourite running gear is ready to use and I’ve made a list of things to bring.

Tomorrow I will probably be even more nervous, to the point where my hands start shaking and I shout at my boyfriend because of minor things. And then I will run the race, shout at myself for running ridiculous distances like a half marathon, be incredibly happy, fulfilled and proud when I cross the finish like and once again be completely in awe of the fact that people run twice the distance I have just run. And then I will remember that is exactly what I will be doing 7 months from now.

How do you cope with anxiety on a pre-race day and/or morning?


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