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The ‘I’m too busy to run so I’ll just keep working’ non-run

Instead of plain run (b)logging, just for the fun of it, I will try to develop a typology of runs, as I encounter them. Today (or as a matter of fact, every day this past week), I did not run. I fell into the I’m too busy to run-trap. I kept working, and now I regret not running.

I guess every runner knows those days where you stress out, skip your run, and then become more stressed out because you did not go for a run. It is really quite stupid and frustrating. I have told myself so many times, that no matter what, I should just go out for a quick run. And still, somehow I don’t. It’s not even an excuse, I really did want to go for a run. But every time I thought about it I liked at my still unfinished thesis chapter and I kept working.

Ok, now let’s rationalize this run where you did not run until it has some bright sides:

1. You can count it as your rest day/week.

I’ll go for a run tomorrow and my legs will feel great, because they have had some time off. Last week I ran 17km, so I’m not really behind on schedule.

2. Less laundry!

Ok, I only had one bright side…


The run in which you run a lot longer than you thought you would.

Instead of plain run (b)logging, just for the fun of it, I will try to develop a typology of runs, as I encounter them. My sunday afternoon run was typical for the category ‘a lot longer that you thought you would’.

I had wanted to do a quick run on saturday, but in the afternoon I was really focussed on my thesis and didn’t want to think about anything else. By the time I started to think about whether I would go for a run, it was already dark (and very cold!). So today I tried again. It was a very sunny day here in Amsterdam, but at the same time it was very cold, so I decided to still put my winter gear on. I wasn’t sure it would be a good run, because I have had a week of not enough sleep and probably one or two glasses of wine too many (for a couple of days on end).

To my surprise, the run went really well! The streets and the park where I ran were very crowded with families spending the first sunny sunday of the year together outside. There were also ridiculous amounts of runners out! I took off thinking I would run 13 kilometres, but ended up running 17, only 4 km short of a half marathon! Given that I still have a full month of training ahead of me, that feels quite good.

I love these ‘a lot longer than you thought you would’-runs, because a run of this kind means that:

(1) you had a good run.

Otherwise you probably wouldn’t have gone further than planned!

(2) you can run further than you thought you could.

Ok, this probably only counts if the run is your weekly long run. My longest run so far this year was 13k, so I didn’t think I was yet capable of running 17k comfortably. But I was, and that feels nice

(3) you gain confidence in reaching your training goal.

Even though I’ve run a half marathon before, 21.1 kilometres is a pretty long distance to me. In order to run a personal best in april, I should really focus on running long distances more than I did in my earlier trainings. I don’t think I’ve ever ran as far as 17 kilometres with 1 month to go, so this probably increases the chances of actually running a PB on april 6th!