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Half Marathon Race Report

Last Monday I ran my 6th Half Marathon, and although I was quite optimistic about the race, it did not go exactly according to plan. My PR on the Half Marathon in 2.00.30, and even though it’s only numbers, I really wanted to run the Utrecht Half Marathon in under 2 hours.

I was very exited to run. When I arrived in Utrecht I immediately felt that the atmosphere was very good. I was so happy when the race took off! I felt really strong and finished the first 11 kilometres of the race in 59 minutes. I forced myself to slow down, but around the 16th kilometre my body was done, and went into a strike. My stomach started to turn itself around, I felt sick and suddenly I could not even breathe properly anymore! The last few kilometres were really tough, and in the end I did not make my two hour goal.

I was really disappointed that I had missed my goal by more than 4 minutes. I think I started off with a pace that I could not only not keep up with, but that also caused me to break down in the final kilometres. I really should have started of easier, but it is so hard to slow down when you feel like you can conquer the world…

But also I think that part of the key to a <2.00.00 race is losing a few kilos of bodyweight. I am currently at a healthy weight, but the next 3 weeks I will try to lose a few (maybe 2 or 3) kilo. Training-wise I will incorporate more of the much hated interval training sessions, and try to keep doing the slow long runs. In 3 weeks from now I will run another half marathon (a small local one) and if I manage to keep up with my training (at least 3 times a week) and really watch my weight, I really should be able to finally finally break that 2 hour mark.


Pre-race day

Tomorrow I am running the half marathon of Utrecht. I have run over 20 races these past years and every single time my day before the race was filled with excitement and incredible anxiety. Right now, when I think about tomorrow’s race, I can feel my heartbeat go faster and I get that funny feeling in my stomach: a mixture of intense happiness and the feeling I might go sick. I think it’s astounding how the prospect of running a half marathon feels just like the prospect of a hot date with someone you really like.

What on earth makes me so nervous about running 21.1 kilometres? Ok, it’s quite a long distance, but I am quite sure I can pull it off. My preparation has been pretty good: I have been a good girl since the party night I had on Thursday: no alcohol, lots of sleep and healthy foods (ok, except for the Easter croissants this morning).My favourite running gear is ready to use and I’ve made a list of things to bring.

Tomorrow I will probably be even more nervous, to the point where my hands start shaking and I shout at my boyfriend because of minor things. And then I will run the race, shout at myself for running ridiculous distances like a half marathon, be incredibly happy, fulfilled and proud when I cross the finish like and once again be completely in awe of the fact that people run twice the distance I have just run. And then I will remember that is exactly what I will be doing 7 months from now.

How do you cope with anxiety on a pre-race day and/or morning?

Running optimism

As this weblog is only about one week old, I guess I’m still in the phase of introducing myself and my running. So! I’m currently training for a half marathon, which means that most of my runs are somewhere between 8 and 15 kilometres.

I Did a 10.5 run yesterday, which was kind of tough, probably because of the intense 1-hour spinning workout I did on Monday and because of my post-workday stress-releasing workout on the cross trainer on Tuesday. I use spinning and the cross-trainer in addition to my running training, mainly to prevent running injuries while still being able to work out. Plus, I do spinning with two friends, so the social aspect adds to the fun (I love spinning!)

Back to yesterday’s run; although it was tough, it was a good run. I was so happy that, for the first time in weeks, it was not freezing cold, snowing, windy and/or pissing down. I wore only two layers (and my full leg running tights) and I was dressed too warm!! That felt great, especially because I was almost getting used to having my ears frozen off and not being able to reheat my body after a run. I guess spring is almost around the corner! (Ok, that might be a little bit too optimistic)