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My yellow pages

Rhodia ruled notepad no. 19

Large ruled Rhodia Notepad

Just like buying books, buying a new notebook makes me happy. I am a happy Moleskine user (not very original, but I love them!), but I recently discovered a new great writing tool; Rhodia notepads. My local stationery shop down the street sells two types. One is a (small) 5 x 5 squared notepad (Rhodia No. 16)  and the other one is a larger ruled ‘travers’ notepad (Rhodia no. 19).

I bought the small one a couple of weeks ago, and was very satisfied with the quality of the paper and the way the yellow paper stands out from my other notes and printouts. However, I needed more space to write on, so I also bought the large ruled notepad, which is perfect, because there is a lot of space left of the vertical line. This leaves space for numbering, topics, after-the-fact remarks and besides that  just looks very nice.